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A children’s fashion book for the budding designer.



Mabel the Fashion Muse  - A Children's Fashion Book

A story about Mabel, a chatty dress form of a budding fashion designer, and her companion, a little Yorkie named Brooklyn, and their fashion adventures through NYC from sample room to runway. 

Mabel and her trusty sidekick, the pipsqueak Yorkie, take the reader through the cobblestone streets of the designer’s Brooklyn atelier to Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, the heart of the fashion industry. The rush to complete a fashion collection for the big runway show is not without a few hiccups. A missing ‘piece de resistance,’ a taxi faux paus, and a ticking clock to the fashion show deadline. Can Mabel, the whimsical fashion muse, pull it off?

Join Mabel and Brooklyn on a fun, behind the scenes look into the real world of fashion and what it takes to become a fashion designer. Empowering young girls to follow their dreams (and dream big!) and develop an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. Written and illustrated by designer Stacy Johnson and modeled after her own experience at launching a clothing line and boutique from scratch in Brooklyn.

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